Brand New Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl With Lids


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6-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Prep and Storage Set  

These five bowls in graduated sizes won’t just make your kitchen pretty. These bowls boast a nonslip silicone bottom, interior graduated measures and matching lids. The largest lid features a pop-out hole with its own cover designed for use with a stick blender so the lid becomes a handy splatter shield. Oh, Ming! What would our kitchens do without you?

What You Get 

2qt (8 cup) mixing bowl with lid

3qt (12 cup) mixing bowl with lid

4qt (16 cup) mixing bowl with lid

Stainless steel construction

Durable and long-lasting

Sleek, stylish design

Brushed exterior helps avoid stains

Mirror interior

Deep sides

Help reduce splatter when mixing

Interior measuring marks 

Provide added convenience when measuring ingredients 

Silicone non-skid bases

Prevent bowls from moving or tipping during use

Nested design

 Bowls and lids nest for space-saving, convenient storage

Plastic lids

Leak-resistant to prevent spills 

Perfect for storing leftover ingredients or for mixes that need to set up in the refrigerator

Oven-safe bowls

Can be used in an oven up to 400 degrees (lids are not oven safe) 


Easy clean-up



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